Itsumademo Kashimashii. Credit card illustration and design for Jonathan Duchock (@ChuckDuChock). 2014.



Album cover illustration and design for Wyatt Moss-Wellington’s Sanitary Apocalypse. 2014.

Collaboration with the amazingly talented Jessica Bradford for the even more equally amazingly talented Wyatt Moss-Wellington whose website was designed by the most equally amazingly talented Chris Ross.

I did the backgrounds panels!

Buy it here.



Book jacket illustration and design for J.S. Breukelaar’s Ink. 2011.

My Mum’s collection of short stories and poetry. Mind-blowing. Talent must like run in the family or something. The idea of “ink” is also a cool connection between writing and drawing.

Buy it here…for..uh..£6?

Buy her first published
novel, American Monster here. Recommended.



Album package for Bud Petal’s Within A Shady Thicket. 2010.

Bud Petal—a brain-twisting genius-savant. 

Buy the album here.


Poster for double album launch 2010

Poster illustration and design for Wartime Sweethearts’ Pancake Orion/Wyatt Moss-Wellington’s Gen Y Irony Stole My Heart double album launch. 2010.

Buy Pancake Orion here. Poster designer’s pick: “Sea Ceiling”.

Buy GYISMY here. Poster designer’s pick: “Arguments”.


Album cover illustration and design for The Five O’Clock Heroes’ Bend to the Breaks (Australian edition). 2008.

Won a competition…personally selected by the band!

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