Welcome to jackbreukelaar.com! The home of Breukelaart on the net! It’s so hard to strike a balance between pretention and style on a blog site such as this and I could have just used Tumblr but I put so much effort into…CODING…and it’s STILL not quite right but…here it is.

Please excuse ridiculous page titles like “additional information”. I just SO wanted my menu bar to be shaped like that^







Oh no…

Anyway…you can see my stuff here! Some will be old stuff that I’ve discovered amidst piles of faded receipts and hair, others will be new stuff discovered in the same location.

I don’t beLIEVE in categorising, FACIST! I just use tags. So, if you want to see things grouped together all neatly because you’re a ROBOT then just search “drawing” or “dicks” and my wisely-thought-out tags will sort it all out for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, especially in regards to your experience on this site and any frustrations here encountered. Ask me some FAQs! This site is new and crap so expect it to change over the next few months like someĀ 1984 nightmare (I’ve already been editing old posts like like crazy. I’ll stop soon I swear! Anyway, I’d recommend taking all the screenshots you can now so you can be prepared to tarnish my future reputation).

I am like pretty busy so don’t pester me with commissions unless we’re talking, like, three figures (including decimals).

That’s it :)



-Jack Breukelaar, Sydney, August 2014.