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These are some drawings from a book about Francis Bacon and Nazi Propaganda called Francis Bacon and Nazi Propaganda that my incredible sister gave to me for Christmas 2012. I like the cover – basically Francis Bacon’s art screaming back at a Nazi (see).



Boy and monkey…just drew this around the same time and took a similar photo of it!

POFO[140805[no scrub



POFO[140805[utsukushii onna








POFO[140805[today is the day

Happy Face.










Neil. Fucked up the lyrics though…





"Tim Finnegans Wake" 2012 - Pen on Paper, 111 x 75cm

Tim Finnegans Wake, 2012. Pen on paper, 111 x 75 cm.



"Dip In" 2012 - Watercolour on Paper, 72 x 53cm

Dip In, 2012. Watercolour on paper, 72 x 53 cm.



POFO[140810[ODQP[love me

Love Me, Love Me Yeah, Love Me, Yeah!, 2012. Oil on Canvas, 10.5 x 8 cm.



"Even Zarathustra" 2012 - Oil on Canvas, 200 x 20cm

Even Zarathustra, 2012. Oil on Canvas, 200 x 20 cm.



"Cindy Wilson Said" 2012 - Ink on Paper, 15 x 10cm

Cindy Wilson Said, 2012. Ink on Paper, 15 x 10 cm.



"Oh Deathly Quiet Pandemonium" 2012 - Installation Shot

Installation shot.



"Oh Deathly Quiet Pandemonium" 2012 - Installation Shot

Installation shot.




These are some highlights from my Honours project, “Oh Deathly Quiet Pandemonium”, from 2012. It was all about singing, screaming etc. I made heaps more work for this  these are just some images I had handy! I’ll do a proper post about it later :)